conversion rate optimisation

(or how to make your website work harder for you)

As a business owner, your website is probably one of the biggest marketing investments you’ve made, and rightly so. With 75% of people judging a company’s credibility on website design alone, simply having an online presence is no longer enough: a poorly designed or confusing website could be doing your brand more harm than good. Even if your website looks the part, if all those slick images mean it takes ages to load you’ll be losing visitors before they’ve even seen them.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that, with some fine-tuning and expert help, you probably don’t need to fork out for a whole new site. A conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy that takes your main business goals into account (and works with what you’ve got) can transform your website performance, and tie it in with your other marketing activity in the process. 

How Flistro can help

Our CRO service goes beyond website traffic and answers the questions that matter:

  • Are my website visitors completing the actions that are valuable to my business?
  • If they’re not, why not? What changes can I make to encourage them?
  • Where do my most valuable visits originate from, and how can that help me inform my future marketing investment?
  • How am I performing in comparison to the rest of my industry?

An initial website audit will identify weak spots and issues that need attention, and enable benchmarking so we can accurately measure success. We’ll talk about your goals and the key actions people can take on your website, and make sure they’re being tracked and measured properly. We’ll also talk about your ideal audience, so we can make sure the site content and messaging is right for them.

The resulting list of priority tasks will be carried out monthly or weekly (depending on your budget/sense of urgency) and will include:

  1. Identifying your key calls to action and improving design, messaging and placement to generate more clicks on them
  2. Resolving technical issues that may be holding your site back, for example load time, broken pages or lack of visibility in search results,
  3. Ways to improve your site’s visibility on Google (SEO), both locally and nationally
  4. Reviewing your site content and messaging to improve engagement and conversions
  5. Improving your site design and navigation to make it clearer, easier to use and more appealing to your audience
  6. Understanding how social media is contributing to your website goals and how to improve performance

You’ll get a genuinely useful, jargon-free monthly report which shows you how your site is progressing and the impact we’re having.

How long will it take?

Because CRO is multi-faceted and complex, I usually prefer to work on it with clients for a period of 6 months (although I don’t tie you in). In my experience, this is just the right amount of time for me to cover all the areas listed above, allow time for the necessary changes to be made AND to see the results. If you want things done more quickly, we can discuss a ‘fast-track’ 3 month option. Prices start at £300 a month.

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