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In the time it’ll take you to read this sentence, 1600,000 people will have typed a search term into Google.

Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) gives you access to the ones who are searching for exactly what you offer, making it a marketing must for any business.

If you’ve already experimented with Google Ads you’ll know that, as well as being powerful, it can also be an alarmingly easy way to waste money.

Many DIYers set campaigns up and leave them to run themselves (some unscrupulous agencies do the same) – generating a huge number of wasted clicks that are great for Google’s revenue stream, but not so great for yours. 

The FLISTRO Google Ads service will turn your campaigns into reliable, cost-effective conversion machines for your business, through consistent campaign monitoring and optimisation.

I will help you…

  • Reach your perfect audience.

    Meticulous keyword research, combined with close attention to geographic, demographic and behavioural factors means your business can be in front of the right people, at exactly the right time.

  • Gain a complete understanding of your ROI.

    Google Ads is one of the most measurable marketing strategies out there, but many advertisers look at the wrong metrics.

    FLISTRO’s management service looks beyond cost-per-click and focusses on your cost-per-lead or cost-per-sale, ensuring your budget is being spent in the most effective and results-driven way.

  • Stay ahead of your competitors.

    Working with a certified Google Partner means you can be sure your campaigns are making the most of the latest Google Ads features and are managed to the highest industry standards.

  • Free yourself up to do what you do best.

    There’s no getting round it – running successful Google Ad campaigns takes time that most business owners and marketers simply don’t have.

    FLISTRO’s service is full-management, which means your campaigns will be designed, launched and 100% optimised for you.

    That doesn’t mean you’re out of control, though. Nothing goes live without your approval and you’ll receive a performance summary every week showing exactly how much you’ve spent, the leads/sales generated and your campaigns’ progress over time.

  • Avoid throwing money away on irrelevant clicks.

    A rock-solid keyword strategy, combined with an optimised campaign structure and intelligent bid management, means you’ll get the most out of your monthly budget – whatever it is.

professional, experienced management

Reviewing incoming data, adding new keywords, testing Ad creative and monitoring your competition are just some of the components of successful Google Ads campaigns.

Teaming up with a Google Ads specialist means you can be sure all these bases are covered, and that your ads are sending the right type of leads and customers straight to your website.

I’ve been creating, managing and optimising Google Search, Display & Shopping campaigns since 2016 and am a certified Google Partner. The budgets I manage range from £500 to £40,000 a month – whether you’ve got hundreds or thousands to spend, I can help you get the best from it.

you’ll also get…

  • Complete control and access (it is your business, after all).

    Unlike some Google Ads management services (I’m looking at you,, FLISTRO will never restrict your access. Your campaigns are created within your own account, giving you full administrative control and transparency.

  • Jargon–free information.

    Get the metrics that matter to your business, with weekly summaries and monthly detailed updates, jargon-free.

  • Genuinely personal service.

    Questions? I’m only an email or phone-call away, and am a firm believer in removing the mystery from digital marketing.

  • Campaigns run by humans, not machines.

    Although I streamline workflows to make sure you’re getting the most for your money, FLISTRO does not outsource your campaigns, or plug them in to a piece of PPC management software and forget about them. I do the work myself because I know that gets the best results.

  • Comprehensive audits of any previous campaigns.

    There’s no point throwing the baby out with the bathwater – even if your campaigns have previously flopped, there will still be some useful data in your existing account.

    I’ll go through historical data to understand what’s worked and learn from what hasn’t. Any areas of wasted spend will be identified, along with issues with your account structure, quality scores and landing pages.

  • A bargain.

    Because FLISTRO likes working with small businesses, your Google Ads management service will be truly affordable.

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