WordPress maintenance service

We all love WordPress. It’s flexible, powerful and reliable with an easy to use interface. Whether you’ve built your own site using WordPress or paid a designer to do it for you, you’re in the company of over 60 million other site owners who choose it to add content to their websites. If you’re also one of the 80% of WordPress users who aren’t using the latest Version, or haven’t been keeping Plugins updated, a WordPress maintenance service can help keep your site safe and running smoothly.

Why does WordPress maintenance matter?

Since the launch of V01 in 2004, WordPress has released over 350 Version updates. Some of these updates bring new features (such as the controversial Gutenberg editing platform), but the vast majority are part of an ongoing attempt by WordPress to protect sites from hacker attacks. Plugin developers regularly roll out updates for the same reasons.

Not using the latest version of a Plugin or WordPress is like waving a ‘vulnerable’ flag to hackers. So why do so many sites fail to update? Normally, it’s due to a fear of “breaking something”, or the belief that the site’s working fine (so why mess with it?) Burying your head in the sand and ignoring all those little orange update icons can mean disaster for your site.

One less thing for you to worry about

  • Our maintenance service means your site will always be running the latest version of WordPress, helping to keep it safe from attack and enabling you to make the most of new features
  • Updates for all your Plugins, for added security and to ensure your site’s essential functions continue to work as they should
  • Daily security checks to spot malware and vulnerabilities immediately
  • Uptime monitor in case your site suddenly goes down
  • Scheduled performance checks to monitor for drops in site speed (as well as being vital for good user experience, site speed is a ranking factor)
  • Backups (and rollbacks to previous versions if any issues come up during the updates)

Our WordPress maintenance service is only £40 a month, including all of the above and a monthly summary to show you what we’ve been up to. Sound good? Fill out the form and we’ll start making your site more resilient and secure straight away.